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Anthony Earnshaw (October 9, 1924 – August 17, 2001)

Born Ilkley, W. Yorks, 1924, the year Lenin died and Breton published his first Manifesto. At the age of 20, through an interest in poetry and literature, he discovered Surrealism."It changed my life. Since then I have drawn drawings and a cartoon strip, painted pictures, written books of a sort, printed prints, made assemblages in boxes and all in all made a general nuisance of myself." 

AUTOGRAPHICAL SKETCH "An interest in poetry in the 1940's led to a discovery of Surrealism. This was a milestone for it made me want to paint pictures which around 1944, 1945, I began to try my hand at. A little later, in greedy quest for more Surrealism I made rare trips to London to visit the London Gallery which was run by the poet E.L.T. Mesens. I never met Mesens, he was ever away in Paris or Brussels. I do recall seeing George Melly, then the Gallery 'dogsbody'. Some fifteen years on, in the early '60's, he and I became firm friends. Surrealism for me was home. I was among friends at last, having been away in a foreign land all my life. The spell of it then cast remains a frisky imp haunting my life. Towards the end of the '60s, twenty and more years after those days. Eric Thacker and I together wrote and illustrated two off-beat novels Musrum and Wintersol. We also collaborated to produce WOKKER, a strip cartoon featuring a mercurial hero who embodies the seemingly contradictory characteristics of mischief maker and an innocent abroad, dismayed by the prospect of existence. In the 50's I worked in the machine shop at Thos. Green & Son, Engineers, North Street (long ago bankrupt).

For a period I drove the overhead gantry crane lifting castings on and off the various machines and so on. Between lifts, most drivers read the racing page. Not me. Much to the amusement of my workmates I painted what they called, 'Daft pictures'. Perforce, they had to be small - have you ever been in the cramped cabin of a crane? At that time much of my work was painted under the eye, so to speak, of Paul Klee, then as always one of my heroes. Towards the end of the 60s my activities as a painter virtually petered out. Apart from the occasional 'dabble' I haven't painted since then. From then up to the mid '70s when I began to build assemblages, I was busy with my collaboration with Eric Thacker. I composed as well, an album of alphabets, Seven Secret Alphabets, which Cape published in 1972. An illustrated collection of 'aphorisms and insults', a kind of ongoing notebook, also occupied my time. This was published with the title Flick Knives & Forks by Transformaction, Harpford, in 1981. My collection of social realist drawings, which have been described as 'bitter' were published with the title A View from Back o' Town. Now, assemblage is the thing. It seems to me 'the assemblage' is more real, therefore more powerful than 'the painting'.

Anthony Earnshaw

Anthony Earnshaw

TV and Radio Programmes

1987  View from Back‘O' Town, BBC Look North

          Two English Surrealists,  directed by Alex Marengo, BBC 2  10 October

         View from Back‘O' Town, Radio Leeds interview

1989  On the Edge, Tyne Tees Television, 7 December.

1993  Kaleidoscope, Radio 4, 11 January.

2003 Flick Knives & Forks directed by John Clayton



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Contribution to books

1966   Dongdeath and Jazzabeth, Eric Thacker,  Location,  Leeds.

           The Sycamore Tree, ( with Patrick Hughes, Robin Page and Ron Swift) hors

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1981   5 x 5, Trigram Press, Hebden Bridge.

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