Anthony Earnshaw


Solo Exhibitions

1966 Paintings 1945 - 1965, The Leeds Institute Gallery, Leeds.
1972 Anthony Earnshaw, Angela Flowers Gallery, London.
1973 Anthony Earnshaw, Exe Gallery, Exeter.
1977 Anthony Earnshaw Prints & Drawings, Oxford Gallery, Oxford
1986 Alphabet Prints, Dean Clough, Halifax.
1987 A View from Back O’ Town, Leeds City Art
Gallery and Cleveland Gallery, Middlesbrough.
1988 WOKKER, Dean Clough, Halifax.
1989 Works ancient & Modern, Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield.
1989 Pay Attention and Assemble in Orderly Rows or Else Flowers East, London.
Boxes, Roupell Street Gallery, London.
Come Out Boxing
, Dean Clough, Halifax.
1991 On the Corridor, Alphabet Prints, Chelsea Arts Club, London.
1992 Anthony Earnshaw Fouts and Fowler Gallery, London.
1993 Dial M for Murder, Gallery M, London.
1997 Lucifer Contemplating the 21st Century & other boxes, Gallery M, London.
1997 I Only Want to Help, Belloc-Lowndes Fine Art, Chicago, U.S.A.
1998 Because I Felt Like It, Dean Clough, Halifax.
2000 Anthony Earnshaw Selected Works from the last 20 years, Flowers East at London Fields.
2001 Memorial Exhibition, Leeds City Art Gallery
2002 Memorial exhibition, Dean Clough, Halifax Anthony Earnshaw and his private Collection.
2005 Boxes Flowers Central, Cork Street, London.
2006 Pinboard Gallery, Bookartbookshop, London
2011 Anthony Earnshaw: The Imp of Surrealism, Flowers Galleries, London.
2012 Anthony Earnshaw: The Imp of Surrealism, Cartwright Hall, Bradford.


Group Exhibitions

      1961    London Opportunity, Salford City Art Gallery.

      1962    West Riding Artists, Wakefield  City Art Gallery.

                The Royal Society Of British Artists,  Federation of British Artists London.    

                CEMA Open Exhibition, Belfast. (Prizewinner).

      1963    Red White and Blue, London Galleries and Leeds University

      1964    About Round,  London Galleries, London

      1965    Midland 21, Midland Group Gallery, Nottingham.

      1966    Form & Image, Leeds Institute Gallery, Leeds.

      1967    Yorkshire Artists Exhibition, Leeds City art Gallery, Leeds.

                The Enchanted  Domain, Exeter City Gallery, Exeter.

      1969    Homage to Appollinaire, ICA Galleries, London.

      1970    Work by Patrick Hughes, Eric Thacker,Tony Earnshaw, Jeff Nuttall & Robin Page, 

                Lane Gallery, Bradford.

                Comics, ICA Galleries, London.

      1971    Trouble at t’Cartwright Hall, Bradford.

      1972    Artichokes part 2, Greenwich Theatre Gallery, London

                British Drawings 1952 –1972, Angela Flowers Gallery, London

                Illustrated Books 1967 – 1971, Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

                Gradiva,  Galerie L’Escalier, Brussels.

                WOKKER in Bradford, (with Eric Thacker) New Lane Gallery, Bradford.

      1973    Anthony Earnshaw and Patrick Hughes, Park Square Gallery, Leeds.

                Pen and Pencil, International Culture Centre,  Antwerp and Bibliotheque Royal,


      1974    Hughes & Earnshaw, Ferens Gallery, Hull and St Pauls Gallery, Leeds.

                A Priori,  Cartwright Hall, Bradford.

      1975    Envelopes, JPL Fine Art, London (Touring exhibition).

      1978    Transformaction Review,  Angela Flowers Gallery, London.    

      1979    Leeds Fine Art Club,  Leeds  CityArt Gallery, Leeds.

                A Cold Wind Brushing the Temple, Arts Council of Great Britain (Touring  


      1980    Made in King Kong,  (with Tony Blundell and Les Coleman ) Greenwich

                Theatre Gallery, London.

                Leeds Fine Art Club, Harrogate Art Gallery, Harrogate.

       1981   5x5, Holdsworth Gallery, Hebden Bridge.

                Gallery, Heden Bridge

                Badge Art, Angela Flowers Gallery, London.

       1982   Anthony Earnshaw, Terry Hammill and Frank Jennings,  St Paul’s

                Gallery, Leeds.

       1984   Exposicao Intetrnacional Surrealismo e Pintura Fantastica,  Lisborn.

                The Spirit of Surrealism,  Oliver Bradbury and James Birch Fine Art, London.

                Lurking in Weeds, Huddersfield Art Gallery, Huddersfield.

       1985   Third Yorkshire Artists’ Biennial, Scarborough Art Gallery, Scarborough.

                Still Life, New Life.  Touring Exhibition.

                Friends of Dunganon,  Meyers Gallery, Esbjerg, Denmark. (Touring exhibition).

       1986   Surrealist Revelation, James Birch Fine Art, London.

                Modern Art, It’s a Joke, Cleveland Gallery, Middlesbrough.

                Contrariwise:  Surrealism and Britain, Glynn Vivian Gallery, Swansea (Welsh Arts 

                Council touring exhibition).

                The Artist Publisher, Crafts Council Gallery, London.

       1987   The Day Book,  Smith’s Gallery, London (Touring exhibition).

       1988   Surrealism is Dead:  Long Live Surrealism,  Crawshaw Gallery, London.

                Portraits,  Flowers East, London.

       1989   Badge Art 2, Flowers East, London.

                Tricks and Transformations, Museum and Art Gallery, Hanley.

                A Public Hanging, Polytechnic Gallery, Leeds

       1990   Les Micquets, Centre Culturel Courberoire, Paris. France

                Another G&T (with Gail Earnshaw) Dovecot Arts Centre, Stockton.

       1991   Drawn to Humour, Cleveland Gallery, Middlesbrough.

                Funny Looking, Galerie Cirque Divers, Liege.

                Hourglass Group, Galerie Nurf, Paris.

                Art in boxes, England & Co., London.

       1992   Another G&T in York (with Gail Earnshaw ) University of York.

                Art in Boxes, England & Co, London and Castle Museum, Nottingham.

                Super-Real , East West Gallery, London.

                Portrait of the artist’s mother done from memory, Flowers East, London.

                Small is Beautiful part X, Flowers East, London.

       1993   Self Portraits, Angela Flowers Gallery, London.

                Art in Boxes, England & Co., London and Castle Museum, Nottingham.

                Art for Sale, Whiteleys, Bayswater, London.

                Small is Beautiful part X1, Flowers East, London.          

       1994   Bill Gainham Memorial Exhibition, South Square Gallery, Thornton, Bradford.

                Box Show, Peter Mcmillan Gallery, Cambridge.

                Bought to Book, Angela Flowers Gallery, London.

                Small is Beautiful part X11, Flowers East, London.

                Worlds in a Box,  City Arts Centre, Edinburgh ( The South Bank Centre Touring 


                Miscellanea,  Newcastle College, Newcastle.

       1995   Curiouser & Curiouser, Espace U.V.A, Paris.

                British Surrealism  1935-1995, England & Co., London.

                18 ans de la Gallerier du  Cirques Divers: Musee d’art Moderne et Art

                Contemporain, Liege.

                Rebound:  Book Art, Site Gallery, Sheffield.

                Discerning Eye, The Mall Galleries, London.

                Small is Beautiful part X111,  Flowers East, London.

                Christmas Show, Saltburn Artist Gallery, Saltburn.

       1996   Diverse Memories: The Company of Things, Manchester Museum,


                Another G&T, Zillah Bell Gallery, Thirsk.

                Julie Sparne Memorial Exhibition, Bradford College of Art.

                Small is Beautiful part X1V, Flowers East,  London.

       1997   Boxing Clever, The American College in London.

                All The World’s A Globe, Gallery 27, Cork Street, London.

                An Alphabet of Art, Leeds City Art Gallery

                The Middlesbrough Open Exhibition, Cleveland Gallery, Middlesbrough.

                Small is Beautiful part XV, Flowers East, London.

       1998   Small is Beautiful,part XV1,  Flowers East,  London.                                                             

       1999   Angel of Mercy: Aspects of British Surrealism.  Leeds City Art Gallery.

                Small is Beautiful part XV11, Flowers East, London .

                Un Peu de casse – croute, La Pepetarie, Brussels.

       2000   The Box Show, Zillah Bell Gallery, Thirsk

                Things, Norwich  School of Art Gallery,  Norwich (Touring exhibition).

                Ville De Conches, Maison des arts, Paris

                Ubu in UK, Mayor Gallery, London.

       2001   Showtime, Manor House, Ilkley.

       2002   Anthony Earnshaw and Friends,  Dean  Clough, Halifax.

       2005   Pinboard Gallery Review, bookartbookshop, London

       2007   says the junk in the yard’,  Flowers East,  London.

       2008   Wings of Time, Shandy Hall, Coxwold.

                British Surrealism & Other Realities, The Sherwin Collection, MIMA, Middlesbrough.

       2009   British Surrealism In context A Collector's Eye, The Sherwin Collection, Leeds Art Gallery.

       2010   What A Relief, Flowers, London.

Anthony Earnshaw - The Imp of Surrealism